Creative director

In February 1985 Amor Ruiz Guerrero was born in Granada, the fourth of five sisters, in a working family, who instilled in her the values ​​of work, honesty and love for her land.

She grew up on the Murcian coast of Mar Menor, in a country house, surrounded by animals and nature. Her first works related to the fashion world were at age 16, designing and making carnival costumes, where she learned to model and observe the different silhouettes of women.

In 2010 she moved to Madrid and began her DIPLOMATURE IN FASHION DESIGN at IADE (Institución Artística de Enseñanza, which since 1957 is the first design school in Spain with private qualifications, with roots in the German school of art and design Bauhaus), receiving an IADE IN FASHION DESIGN PROMOTION 2014 prize.

During these years, she was selected for several projects, some of them solidarity ones, such as the ANANTA PROJECT, in which she designed prints for women from India for elaboration and subsequent comercialitation; Design and manufacture of the uniforms of Architecture the University of Alcalá de Henares architecture students (PLATEAU TEAM) for the international architectural competition of Versailles; exhibited her final career project in the emerging fashion week of the MUSEO DEL TRAJE DE MADRID; etc.

Amor realized the grade practices in a solidarity Project, once more: FID by Grupo Amás, which was intended to integrate people with intellectual disabilities, presenting the final result in TRESemmé MFSHOW MADRID, June 2014.

That same summer she took a course in the IED (European Institute of Design), learning to produce leather handbags in Ubrique (Cadiz), where her love for leather and handcrafts in the creation of handbags and accessories arose.

Back to the land where she grew up, Murcia, she worked in the first collection design and patronage team of the flamenco firm “5 Flores”.

2015 in a very important year: AMOR GUERRERO fashion firm was born, in this Amor expresses everything that she is, she applies top technological fabrics and noble fabrics of the highest quality, most Italians and French, as well as Spanish merino lambskin considered the best in the world.

She has an architectural and futuristic vision of fashion, wich turns into creating different patterns and blends textures and fabrics.

Her first collection inspired by Nina Simone, was baptized ECLECTIC (Strong woman, advanced in time, a fighter and visionary) this is the spirit wich AMOR GUERRERO wants to give to its collections, inspired by an incredible woman to dress exceptional women.